Worst Stocks In 2011? 4 Stocks To Buy In 2011 Q2 Stock Results

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When you have a 1 year time frame, all you need is ONE month to make a great return, and that is our motto going into the last half of 2011.

The recent decline in the price of oil has not been so kind, as my 4 stocks to buy in 2011 are down a combined -7.69%.

Ticker Initial Price ($) Price End 6/30/11 ($) YTD Change (%)
JPM 43.00 40.94 -2.27
SLB 84.00 86.40 4.06
PZE 26.87 19.37 -25.15
WHR 89.73 81.32 -7.42
Total -7.69

JP Morgan (JPM)  -2.27%

A leader in the finance/banking sector. This stock will push higher as the market continues to realign itself. Looks like a downtrend has been broken to the upside.

Petrobras (PZE) -25.15

Not much to be excited about here, until the current downward trend is broken; however, I still like to believe oil will finish at a higher price than it currently is by year’s end, which will benefit this stock.

Whirlpool (WHR) -7.42

This cash cow really has not taken off as was expected, but that was due to the resurgence of a crumbling global economy. Have we hit a bottom though? The chart seems to say so. If we can bust through $90 on the third try then watch out.

Schlumberger (SLB) +4.06

Another stock hit by declining oil prices and a struggling economy. The chart sets up similarly to that of Whirlpool. Looking for a higher stock price by year’s end.

All in all, while the first half of 2011 has not been good to my 4 stocks, it is a WHOLE year game, and there is more upside in front of us.

On the bright side, check out how well Crocs (CROX) did!

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