What’s So Good About The iPhone 4?

June 26th, 2010 | Filed under: Reviews,

Ever since I got the iPhone 4G last week, all I’ve been asked is it worth it? The short answer, YES! For those that need some more information, I have listed some of the most notable (and my favorite) additions to the new iPhone 4. Take a quick glance at the iPhone 4G.

My upgrade was from the iPhone 3G to 4, so the improvement was obviously exponentially times better than that of 3Gs to 4.

Note: If it is available through the free iOS 4 upgrade, then it is not covered here.

First and foremost, the feel and look of the 4 is amazing. I have heard various opinions on this topic. I have polled at least 20 people who have held both versions of the phone in each hand and without a doubt they all like the 4 better.

Considering the fact that I have been using an iPhone 3g, the 4 is much faster. It seems like there is no loading time and applications seamlessly jump from one screen to the next.

The screen resolution is quite possibly the best I have ever seen.

With out a doubt, multi-tasking is amazing. By simply double-clicking the home buttons you can easily navigate from one application to the next (think alt-tab for windows). A good example is being able to continue playing Pandora while checking mail, using the internet, or any other app.

I love taking pictures of both interesting and stupid things (as some Twitter followers may know). The camera that comes with the 4 is extremely better than before. While it is not the highest of pixels, I believe 5 megapixals will suffice for the average picture taker.

The camera also comes with flash, so now you don’t have to rely on the perfect lighting to take pictures with your iPhone.

More importantly, we can now take pictures of ourselves much easier with the new front-facing camera.

Just as I love taking pictures, I also like taking video. The iPhone can take 720p quality video and can be edited through the iMovie application ($4.99 through app store).

Depending on how you use the phone, battery life can vary, but I got my phone Wednesday (June 23) night and as of right now, I have yet to charge my phone (besides the initial charging out of the box) and the battery life is just a little less than half full. In other words, the battery power is much stronger.

I have yet to use FaceTime mainly because, as of the writing of this article, it can only be used via wi-fi connection and trying to get another person within a wi-fi connection at the same time and who has an iPhone 4 is harder than it seems. I find it hard to believe that this will be the case forever; however, I’m sure once I try it out it will be amazing.

To some, the new compass app might seem pointless, but I find an interesting use that could probably be implemented somehow (not sure yet). Besides just telling you what direction you are going in, the compass also gives you the coordinates of where you are standing. Imagine a friend asking you where you are, and instead of drawing out long descriptive instructions – just share you coordinates and the friend can input it directly in the map app and get directions.

Obviously with all the good comes some bad:

It seems like the biggest complaint is the reception problem when you cover the antenna with your hand. While the reception problem is indeed true, nobody holds the phone that way. So it shouldn’t even be a problem.

While the look and feel is new and better, this means that new covers must be bought. As of writing this article, there aren’t many options available to protect and case your iPhone 4.

While the camera is still pretty good, I am somewhat puzzled why they didn’t make it even stronger.

Overall the iPhone 4, is definitely worth the upgrade, price, and anything else that may be holding you back.

What do you think of the iPhone 4 so far? Did I miss any other new features of the phone?

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