Video Analysis Of The Dow, Nasdaq, And S&P 500

January 31st, 2010 | Filed under: Financial Markets,

The good folks over at INO have put together a video analysis of all the major US markets. You can check all 3 of them out for free (no registration required) below:

Nadaq Index – Trendline Alert For Traders

One of the most powerful technical tools that a trader possesses is a pencil and a ruler. It sounds kind of old-school, but the reality is trend lines in technical analysis are enormously important. In this new video Adam will show you how the NASDAQ index has broken a very important trend line and what the ramifications are for this index.

Dow – Is the Dow in trouble?

For some time now we’ve been very concerned that all the major indexes are in the “thin air” and have exceeded some key Fibonacci retracement levels. This new short video explores that and looks at a key Japanese candlestick formation that could really make a difference and be the first clue in the demise of the Dow. I’ll also show and share with you a specific number to look for in February. Should this level be broken, then it will signal a major reversal to the downside for the Dow.

S&P 500 – Where should YOU be in the S&P 500?

In today’s short video we take a fresh look the S&P 500 and what we think it is going to do in 2010. We will also be looking at an important “Trade Triangle” that has just flashed an important signal for this index.

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