Unwrapping The Apple iPad – Complete Coverage And Pictures

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After weeks of guessing and anticipation we finally have the  Apple iPad, which seems like the biggest name fail to me. I can just see kids asking for an iPad for their birthday/holiday and parents end up getting an iPod by mistake.

I really had no expectations for the iPad. I already have an iPhone and iMac, so I assumed the iPad would be somewhere in between it.

Right before Steve Jobs revealed the iPad he suggested that netbooks were simply inefficient and useless, so I’m assuming the iPad is Apple’s stab at the netbooks.

All in all in seems like a solid piece of technology to use on the go and at $499 it isn’t too pricey; however, I don’t see the average user rushing out to get this. If it could play physical DVDs (never been a fan of downloading movies) then I’d have already ordered my iPad; however, I think I’ll wait for the next version.

The cheapest model still costs twice that of the Kindle, so I wouldn’t necessarily call the iPad a Kindle-killer, but it definitely makes it a little harder for the Kindle to grow.

The iPad will be shipping out sometime around March.

iPad Specification and Details

  • 1.7 lbs.
  • 0.5 inch thin
  • 9.7 inch display
  • 10 hour battery
  • Wireless networking (802.11n)
  • 16-64gb flash storage
  • 1 GHz Apple A4 chip
  • Accelerometer, compass, and touch screen
  • Runs iPhone apps
  • Runs iWorks
  • 3G service available through AT&T ($14.99 & 29.99 monthly plans); no contract/cancel anytime

iPad Pricing

16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
WiFi $499 $599 $699
WiFi + 3G $629 $729 $829

iPad Pictures

These are pictures I have scoured from various sources at the Apple press conference (click to enlarge).

Links And Other iPad Coverage

What do you think of the iPad? Are you going to buy one?