The Many Types of Celebrity Endorsements

celebrity endoursementsCelebrities get paid for their endorsements, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of them out there. Of course, people do pay attention, as those endorsements can hold some weight. What celebrity endorsements come to mind off the top of your head? Did you know that Michael Phelps endorses and advertises for Under Armour?

Some celebrity endorsements aren’t paid of course, which means the celebrity might just come out and make an endorsement. For example, celebrities endorse people for president, although there might be money involved in that, too. Still, the paid celebrity endorsements are going to come with advertisements. The advertisements are typically on television of course but also online, in print and even on the products themselves at times.

As a matter of fact, some celebrity endorsements come with the celebrity either using the product or displaying the brand name in some way. Think about the Nascar drivers with celebrity endorsements plastered all over their vehicles. Many people actually recognize the car for their favorite driver not by the number first but by the endorsement or advertisement.

Does anyone remember when Montel Williams endorsed Money Mutual? He is still on their website and still the celebrity endorsement for this business. It’s kind of surprising because it’s a payday loan website, which you might not expect a celebrity to endorse. It surprised me, I can tell you that. I’m not wanting to judge him, however, but it just surprised me is all.

What other endorsements are there out there for various companies and their products among celebrities? What about Christopher Walken and Kia? This was seen during the Superbowl, as was Anthony Hopkins and his .com endorsement. I told you about the Michael Phelps Under Armour endorsement, and I noticed a headline that talked about how he not only doesn’t wear Nike but has never worn the brand. Also, we can’t forget out Kylie Jenner endorsing Bellami Hair, and Angela Simmons for her endorsements of Indique Hair.

Endorsements for alcoholic beverages have come to the forefront lately with the Dos XX spokesperson announcing his retirement. Of course, he’s a celebrity because of that endorsement if I’m correct, not a celebrity choosing to endorse a product. Then there is the Colt 45 endorsement by Billy Dee Williams. I’m sure there are other endorsements from celebrities for alcohol brands, too. Some celebrities even like to make their own alcohol for marketing purposes.

Then you have a whole different story line that is going on lately, and you can read all about it. What’s going on is the presidential race coming up and all the celebrity endorsements that are hitting the press. It’s like they’ve never been publicized quite this much. They are all over the web and the news. For example, Vince Vaughan came out and endorsed Rand Paul for president. However, he of course is no longer in the running. There are many types of celebrity endorsements, and they seem to be more willing to make all types of endorsements these days. One more endorsement that caught my eye was for Barnes and Noble, and the stars involved were Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

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