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ATP Oil & Gas Earnings Fall Short But Looks Good Long – ATPG

The last time I recommended ATP Oil & Gas (ATPG) it jumped over 50% in just a couple weeks, so lets see what we can do this time around. While recent earnings fell short, long-term growth for this stock is expected to outperform industry competitors… oh yeah and the chart doesn’t look too bad either. […]

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16 Amazing Stock Trades YOU Should Have Done

I recommend a lot of stocks here, and they can quickly get lost in the crowd. So I thought I would go over every stock I have recommended or analyzed over the last couple of months and see what has happened and what I think about them now.

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A Stock that Moves with Oil – ATPG

Its hard to believe that just 1 year ago oil hit $140, now its lucky to get passed $80; however, chances are that oil will rise again. Maybe not straight to $140, but it should move higher than where it is right now. When it does will you be ready?

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