Never Buy Another Stock Again Book Review

December 22nd, 2010 | Filed under: Books

When it comes to investing money many people believe that the stock market is the only way you can really see substantial returns, but that isn’t true. In fact, just going over all the various type of investement vehicles and strategies can be bundled up into a book in itself… oh wait… it was – Never Buy Another Stock Again by David Gaffen.

I trade stocks and I am good at it. While I would tend to sway most people towards individual stocks, the truth is that not everybody is cut out for this type of investing. Stock trading is not necessarily a passive form of investment and that is where traders can tend to lose a lot of money.

In Never Buy Another Stock Again, Geffen’s premise is to teach the readers to stay away from individual stocks and create substainable wealth by creating a balanced portfolio of cash, real estate, retirement funds, savings, and carefully limited roles for mutual funds and ETFs.

With past and present prominent roles at mega-financial sites like Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Gaffen has seen first hand just how unpredictable the market is, and, unless you are finally tuned to every second of the madness, how stock trading can be a very UN-profitable venture for many investors.

Never Buy Another Stock Again is a great book for newcomers to the financial world – those looking to have their extra money work for them. Gaffen teaches readers about all the various asset classes and investment vehicles as well as how to properly manage your entire portfolio to sustain the returns over time and how to not be victim to the ebbs and flow of the market.

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