Good Things Come In 3; GREAT Things Come In 4

July 18th, 2009 | Filed under: Stock Recommendations, , , ,

Its only Saturday so I’m sure most of you aren’t bothering your weekend with stock charts, but here are a few stocks I am looking at and their development towards the end of this week, and what we should expect for the coming.

Note: Some of these charts were taking before market closed Friday, so look at updated charts if necessary.

Zagg, Inc.

ZAGG – Still sitting in a solid uptrend. Look for a bounce off the support line at around $6.40.



CLWRMade a huge run since we first recommended this stock, so of course it looks like we are due for a mild pullback. The current trend is rounding out, which means we are either going to test some supports or possibly break higher into new levels. Keep an eye on what happens here.


Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ANPI – This is a PURE RISK PLAY. Trying to see if we can possibly play a bounce off the 50 day simple moving average, and get a quick pop higher.


Bank of America

BAC – I have to admit this stock did not go as low as I wanted it to go by now, but nonetheless, we have to play with the cards we are dealt with. The 50 SMA is crossing the 200 SMA, which is usually paired with a signal to buy. So things should be interesting here for Bank of America this coming week.

As of right now, I am leaning towards BAC heading a little bit lower, so I would not enter just yet. Lets see if we can come down to 12.10ish area.


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