Black List – SBUX

May 2nd, 2008 | Filed under: Black List

There is no better way to learn then from a stock that you traded miserably. So I decided to dive into my black list (stocks I will never touch again).

Starbucks – SBUX

I traded this stock nearly two years ago. About that time, SBUX was really starting to makes strides. Everybody was in love in the whole business plan, and it seemed like they were expanding faster than anything. I, along with many, was expecting big things from SBUX.

I first bought into the stock at $32 and, from there, it jumped 8 points to $40 in just under a month. Instead of selling out, I felt the stock had much more to go. Obviously I was wrong. The stock hasn’t even touched the same level since, and now nobody likes the business concept anymore. They feel that SBUX lost its “homely” feel.

I ended up selling for no gain about six months later. Back than I really wasn’t into chart examination. If was I was maybe I would of seen this coming.

SBUX 050208