Best Of TWI 2010

December 27th, 2010 | Filed under: Editor's Pick, General

Trying to sum up the best this site has to offer is hard when everything published is so great, but I decided to give it a try. Below is a list of the most read and searched articles on The Wild Investor during 2010. Do you have a favorite? Are there type of articles you want to see more of?

4 Stocks to Buy in 2010Jan 1; List a collection of 4 stocks that should do well in 2010. Check out quarterly updates here (Q1, Q2, Q3). Feeling nostalgic?? Check out the 70% returns posted in 2009.

Best Stock Trading Applications for the iPadApril 9; 2010 was a big year for Apple, and the iPad was a huge part of that. The article lists my favorite iPad apps that having something to do with stock trading. Also check out the best trading apps for the iPhone.

My Favorite Stock Chart SetupsApril 26; I love technical analysis and it is what I use to determine most of my stock trades, so I decided to list my favorite and most used setups when analyzing stock charts.

Advice from Top Notch Stock TradersAug 30; A compilation of the best stock trading tips from some of the best minds in the online trading community. Learn about the best traders to follow on Twitter.

50+ Stock Market Websites, Blogs, and CommunitiesJan 9; A list of some of the best stock trading/financial market websites and communities on the Internet.

Interview With Kunal Desai: Making The Jump To Become A Full Time TraderSept 15; One of the most popular and respected stock traders on Twitter talks about making the jump from a part-time to a full-time trader. Also check out my interview with the Co-founder of

How to Create a Solid Investment PortfolioNov 7; A safe and easy way to ensure your stock portfolio sees positive return year after year.

What Netflix Needs to do to Hit and Stay Above $200Dec 14; While this article is relatively new, it has been picked up by the likes of Google Finance and other popular trading websites. Revisit when I first recommended to buy Netflix at $25 a share.

See a full list of TWI articles posted in 2010 here.

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