4 Stocks To Buy In 2012 Q1 Results

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The first quarter is over and now it is time to see how my 4 stocks to buy in 2012 are doing. The market has been on a tear for pretty much most part of 2012, so it is no surprise that my stocks did pretty good. You can see the results below:

Ticker Initial Price ($) Price End 3/30/12 ($) YTD Change (%)
HAL 34.51 33.19 -3.58
F 10.76 12.48 16.41
AA 8.65 10.02 16.18
CAT 90.60 106.52 18.09
Total 11.78

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Haliburton (HAL) has been fluctuating up and down for most of the year, but that is fine. Look for the big returns here come end of summer.

Ford (F) has been consolidating over the last couple of months. Watch closely as the stock should be ready to move to the next trading level soon.

After a great start to the year, Alcoa (AA) has experienced a minor pullback. Look for support around the $9.50 level.

Caterpillar (CAT) has been pretty steady for 2012. Look for that trend to continue in the coming months.

See how other competing bloggers performed:

Rank Site YTD Return (%)
1 Where Does All My Money Go 35.91
2 Intelligent Speculator 16.37
3 Dividend Mantra 13.71
4 The Wild Investor 11.78
5 My Trader’s Journal 11.17
6 Beating the Index 10.87
7 Million Dollar Journey 7.84
8 The Passive Income Earner 4.77
9 Dividend Growth Investor 4.43
10 The Financial Blogger 0.10

All data is taken as of market close on March 30, 2012. Total calculated by taking average of all 4 returns.

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