3 Stocks Charts Heading Higher (NFLX, CLWR, MA)

August 10th, 2010 | Filed under: General, , ,

It has been a while since I posted some stock charts, but when you’re stocks are cruising could you blame me?

Anyways, it still doesn’t look like the market has defined where it wants to head for the last half of 2010. Below are some charts that are currently peaking my interest. Let me know what you think.

Netflix (NFLX) – Based on how many times I have recommended this stock, if you aren’t in Netflix already, odds are you will continue to sit on the sidelines and watch this thing grow. Remember when it was at $22?

Clearwire (CLWR) – Too be honest, there is a lot of good news and bad news in favor of this stock. The steady range it has been bouncing through over the last year is evidence of that. Based on that theory we are toward the lower end of the range, so lets see if we can get a bounce higher here.

MasterCard (MA) – Based on the head and shoulder pattern a break of the neckline (resistance) should put price target at around $237.

What stocks are you looking at?