1 EURO Equals 1 US Dollar (Video)

May 21st, 2010 | Filed under: Financial Markets, , , ,

Thanks, in large part, to the tanking of Europe, the markets all over have been living in the red. Whether you trade FOREX or not, knowing how currencies stack up against each other can be beneficial to our trading.

A stronger dollar makes the US purchasing power much stronger and vice versa. Obviously these changes can make a big change across the board.

For a while now, the EURO has matched up favorably against the USD. With the deterioration of Europe’s economy, is it possible that the EURO and USD can meet up again at a 1 to 1 value?

In his latest video, Adam takes a look at this very currency match up to see if the EURO/USD can indeed hit the 1 to 1 value and what it would mean for the market.

View the videoDon’t be surprised when one euro equals one dollar