The Many Types of Celebrity Endorsements

celebrity endoursementsCelebrities get paid for their endorsements, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of them out there. Of course, people do pay attention, as those endorsements can hold some weight. What celebrity endorsements come to mind off the top of your head? Did you know that Michael Phelps endorses and advertises for Under Armour?

Some celebrity endorsements aren’t paid of course, which means the celebrity might just come out and make an endorsement. For example, celebrities endorse people for president, although there might be money involved in that, too. Still, the paid celebrity endorsements are going to come with advertisements. The advertisements are typically on television of course but also online, in print and even on the products themselves at times.

As a matter of fact, some celebrity endorsements come with the celebrity either using the product or displaying the brand name in some way. Think about the Nascar drivers with celebrity endorsements plastered all over their vehicles. Many people actually recognize the car for their favorite driver not by the number first but by the endorsement or advertisement.

Does anyone remember when Montel Williams endorsed Money Mutual? He is still on their website and still the celebrity endorsement for this business. It’s kind of surprising because it’s a payday loan website, which you might not expect a celebrity to endorse. It surprised me, I can tell you that. I’m not wanting to judge him, however, but it just surprised me is all.

What other endorsements are there out there for various companies and their products among celebrities? What about Christopher Walken and Kia? This was seen during the Superbowl, as was Anthony Hopkins and his .com endorsement. I told you about the Michael Phelps Under Armour endorsement, and I noticed a headline that talked about how he not only doesn’t wear Nike but has never worn the brand. Also, we can’t forget out Kylie Jenner endorsing Bellami Hair, and Angela Simmons for her endorsements of Indique Hair.

Endorsements for alcoholic beverages have come to the forefront lately with the Dos XX spokesperson announcing his retirement. Of course, he’s a celebrity because of that endorsement if I’m correct, not a celebrity choosing to endorse a product. Then there is the Colt 45 endorsement by Billy Dee Williams. I’m sure there are other endorsements from celebrities for alcohol brands, too. Some celebrities even like to make their own alcohol for marketing purposes.

Then you have a whole different story line that is going on lately, and you can read all about it. What’s going on is the presidential race coming up and all the celebrity endorsements that are hitting the press. It’s like they’ve never been publicized quite this much. They are all over the web and the news. For example, Vince Vaughan came out and endorsed Rand Paul for president. However, he of course is no longer in the running. There are many types of celebrity endorsements, and they seem to be more willing to make all types of endorsements these days. One more endorsement that caught my eye was for Barnes and Noble, and the stars involved were Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Should You Consider Hair Weave Financing?

Recently there have been several popular hair weave companies that have started offering patrons the opportunity to finance their weave if they do not have enough money to purchase the hair outright. For example, there is a company that is offering customers the opportunity to finance their weave with a down payment as low as $25 depending on the customer’s credit.

The remaining amount is financed, the hair is shipped to the customer, and the customer makes the agreed monthly payments on time. These monthly installments can be divided into 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months. However, the payment must be made through a trusted payment processor such as PayPal.

There are usually no hidden charges with these agreements, but the interest rate can be as high as 30% depending on the customer’s credit. Although many people do not understand the point of such agreements, they allow customers to have the hair they want even if they do not have the cash for it.

Hair Weave Loans Is Not A New Concept

Another type of company has also appeared in the industry. This type of company does not sell human hair weaves, but they provide loans for customers who want to purchase hair.

Even though the concept may sound foreign, this is a system that has existed since biblical times. People received land, goods and even livestock on credit. However, there are some that argue that unlike a house or a car, purchasing hair weave is not considered a necessary purchase. You will also not be able to use the hair more than once.

On the other side, quality hair weave is not cheap. One bundle of hair can cost as much as $170. The average customer will need at least three packs of hair. The additional cost to install the hair can average anywhere from $100 to $300.

The additional side of this argument is that many women rely on hair weave to have a healthy self-esteem. Some would counter that by saying that these women should not feel as though they need to wear weave to have a healthy self-outlook.


There are also some hair extension suppliers, stylists and salon owners who are offering customers the chance to layaway hair weave.
They pay on the weave or wigs in small amounts until they have paid off the balance. In fact, there is a stylist who was interviewed in Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” that stated she sells custom wig units for $1000. Customers can make layaway payments on the unit of their choice until it is paid off.


Unfortunately, the demand for this type of hair combined with a lack of funds has resulted in some people trying to obtain bundles of hair illegally. Stylists have reported “customers” stealing hair weave from them. This has resulted in many stylists changing their purchase policies.

Hair extensions are a very big business in communities all around the world. Although many think that financing makes it an affordable luxury for everyone, many disagree with the concept. As the hair weave industry continues to evolve, there will be more patrons considering financing.

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Accountant

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.37.45 PMIf your small business seems to be drowning in invoices, payroll, and cash flow statements, you are probably about ready to give up. Sometimes it is almost impossible to keep up with the businesses needs and try to play accountant for the business at the same time.

That is why many small businesses are turning to hiring an accountant to take care of the bookkeeping aspect of their business. Of course, as with any business out there, there are pros and cons to bringing an accountant into your business. Read on below for a few of them to help you make an informed decision on whether to have an accountant doing the books for your business.

Pro: Accountants Know What They Are Doing

There are a lot of technical details that go into accounting that only a trained accountant can know. The simple mistake of putting a decimal point in the wrong place can ruin your businesses finances if you aren’t careful. It’s best to hire someone who does this for a living, instead of trying to do it yourself with everything else you have on your plate while running a business.

Con: They Charge Money

Of course, hiring an accountant isn’t free and if you are a small business that is just starting out it can seem like an insane amount of money to spend. However, you need to realize that a simple mistake by you in paperwork could be much costlier than what you spend paying an accountant to keep track of everything for you.

Pro: Saves You Time And Money

If you have been running your own business for any amount of time, you already know that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. Hiring an accountant will save you tons of time, because instead of doing paperwork, you can be out promoting the business that you love.

It also saves you money, because you could be losing business while you are doing the paperwork that the accountant could be doing. Just being able to be out and about in your business, instead of cooped up in the office will save you money and time as well.

Con: There Is No Guarantee

Of course, just like everyone else in the world, accountants are only human and math is math. It is possible for them to make mistakes so don’t think that you are hiring someone super human to take care of the books for your business.

Pro: More Than Number Crunchers

A reputable accountant can do much more than just crunching numbers for you and keeping your books. They can give you advice on many aspects of your business, including expanding and selling out eventually if you ever decide too.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of hiring an accountant for your small business. As you can see, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, but still the choice is yours. Do your research and choose wisely.

I Want To Invest – Is The Iraqi Dinar A Good Option?

Iraqi DinarA dinar is an official Iraq currency given by the central bank of Iraq. Investing in the Iran dinar is done in a simple way that is purchasing a certain amount Iraq dinar by paying your home country currency or any other currency like the U.S.dollar. You can invest in the Iraqi dinar just like you would a stock. This investment works in a way that you purchase the dinar at a certain price and wait for its price to rise, and then sell it and get back your profit. Having known this, the big question now is can you invest in this business? If you want to invest like this, you have to make sure to keep a close eye on the dinar updates that explain how the currency price is fluctuating. More information and the answer to the above question is what we cover in this article!

Avoid Any Chances of Scam In Your Investment.

Scam related to finance occurs when you invest your money in some unrecognized authorities and at the end you get conned. How will you know that the investment you are making is a scam?

• If the promotion is carried by unrecognized individuals instead of known real investment firms.
• If the transactions are locally carried i.e. in the streets.
• If the promotions carried are totally unofficial through internets and other social networks rather than being carried in open market forum

Is It Worth The Risk To Invest In The Iraq Dinar?

For a long time, there have been speculations all over that Iraq has no stable economy and therefore it would not be a good idea to risk investing in the Iraq dinar mostly in the after the period of Saddam Hussein. A statement released by IMF in 2007 about the deteriorating economy of Iraq led to more confusion among investors that forced the authorities In Iraq to rise and address the issue. In their report, also they mentioned the measures that the Iraq government had carried in improving the economy of Iraq. For instance;

• There was increase in prices of domestic fuel and reduction of all direct taxes on fuel by the year 2007.
• The government had had reformed a program that could help improve its economy and rise to a point of competing with other countries in economic development.
• The central bank of Iraq increased the rates of policy interest and led to the appreciation of the dinar.
These were some measures that were used to reconstruct the economy of Iraq by helping reduce inflation on imported goods.

The Future Iraq

Iraq is a country rich in oil and that can use this factor to reconstruct and stabilize its economy. Eight years later after the commonly Iran-Iraq war, the Iraq government finally hard curbed its economy giving Iraq a peaceful state with a good atmosphere to invest in. This could be promising to you if you wanted to invest in Iraq dinar. With a peaceful economy, IQD forex rates will shoot so high to make Investing in Iraq a promising idea.


There is news that points out that the government of Iraq underwent a Iraqi dinar revaluation.This is advantageous in a way that the currency of Iraq will soon become expensive compared to its current currency. With the currency becoming expensive, the economy will become more stable and attract more investors. Revaluation in Kuwait will be so promising in that historically it was successful in the Kuwaiti dinar. This will prove that the economy of Iraq will soon increase to allow for investment. Kuwaiti dinar, for instance, is said to have a high value nowadays.

Most Investors Argue That The Iraq Dinar Is Stable.

Even after what Iraq has undergone in terms of war, most investors still acknowledge that its economy is still stable. This is viewed from the fact that Iraq has got many oil wells. This is a promising potential in terms of development that gives the dinar a strong purchase. The investors argue that development will take place and open a big market of investors in Iraq which in turn will make the dinar appreciate so highly. If you are planning to invest in Iraq, therefore, from these ideas you must be able to draw your conclusion. The economy of Iraq is so promising, and, in fact, as time goes by, it will reach a situation whereby it will be so competitive in the world.

The Benefits of VA Loans For US Veterans

VA loans are the mortgage loans in United States that are guaranteed by the department of Veteran Affairs. VA loan were designed to provide long-term financing to the eligible American veterans. In case of death, surviving spouses of American veterans are also eligible to enjoy benefits of using a VA loan if they do not marry again. The loan is provided as a form of gratitude to the veterans for their commitment in protecting United States which is considered a heroic act because of the sacrifices involved.

Aim of A VA Loan

The basic intention of the VA home loan program is to offer home financing to all eligible veterans in areas where private financing is hard to get or totally unavailable. A VA loan enables veterans to purchase properties without any down payment. It is a way for the US government to give back to servicemen, servicewomen and veterans by offering special financing to enable them afford the dream home they always wanted. A free VA loan calculator tool can be used to see just how much savings Veterans can receive.

Areas where veterans are designated to be eligible for loans are:

• Housing credit shortage areas
• Rural areas
• Small towns and cities far from commuting or metropolitan areas of larger cities

Who is eligible for A VA loan?

• Veterans
• Serving personnel
• Reservists and National Guard members
• Surviving spouses who have not remarried

The main benefits of using a VA loan are:

Lower Interest Rates

A loan with high interest ends up hurting the borrower because it takes a lot of money and time to repay. VA loans are friendly because the borrowers get lower interest rates than ordinary rates for other types of loan. It translates to lower payments per month therefore if you get a VA loan, you can afford to pay down the amount of your loan faster than other loans with higher interest.

No Down Payment

When purchasing a new home, you have to come up with a specific amount of down payment. The range depends on the total price of the property, but it can be an expense that can be quite costly. Most families save up for many years to afford the down payment for a new home but with VA home loan, most lenders no longer ask for down payment before issuing the loan. They also offer a lower VA funding fee for a loan depending on the size of provided down payment. This waiver has helped many veterans to become homeowners without money down. It is, therefore, a great and easier way to have a treasured piece of the American dream.

No Requirement for Private Mortgage Insurance

Some years ago, there was a housing recession. As a result, most banks insure themselves by adding private mortgage insurance just in case recession occurs again. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is an added fee for any loan without the needed 20 percent of appraised value of a home. This insurance will protect the lender if a borrower ever defaults on monthly payment. Since VA loan do not need a down payment, it means that military men and women will not be required to have a PMI. This will result in lower monthly mortgage payments.

Simple Procedure

Simple loan acquisition is among benefits of using a VA loan. Applying for VA home loan is more like applying for any other conventional home loan. The major difference is that you should get a certificate of eligibility from Veteran Affairs. VAHL process takes will take 2-6 weeks. This is about the same length of time that it will take to process a conventional loan. It is also easy to find a lender. Almost any lender who offers conventional of FHA loans also offers VA loans therefore it will not be hard to find one to assist you.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of VA loan are that there are no limited closing costs, penalties for loans paid early and support in the cases where veterans encounter difficulties in making their payments for the loan.
VA does not impose any limits on the size of loan that you can acquire, but it has a maximum that will be guaranteed according to law.
There is also guarantee for a warranty from builder and help VA to get the cooperation of builders if the VA inspects the home. Check out the Veteran’s Affairs website for more information.